TO SALLY AND MOE: Thanks Helen Bascom for Pointing This Out

I have just read Helen’s tribute to Sally Omar and Moe and found it beautiful, but I didn’t really know what was going on. By the comments I started to put two and two together and especially when I saw Sally’s and Moe’s photo titled Happier Times

which broke my heart. I took the liberty of asking Sally whom explained they are going through a rough time. I dearly appreciate her and because of this I put two videos out which express how I feel and I hope you will also be there out for her. Yes, my friends, let’s show Sally and Moe they have a lot of friends who love them by any way you can, artistically, writing to them, any way you can. They need our love and caring right now. And if you let her know about your gift, please b’mail her so that she won’t miss it. On another note, Erich Biemer suggested a great idea, one that we could all put our pieces and thoughts into one forum so that Sally will have easy access to since she is having a hard time and he knows that this is time consuming to go back to read everyones sites. Here, she will only go to one. Thanks Erich. Forum
xoxo Iris and Erich

Cry by James Blundt

I dont wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith


  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 5 years ago

    Iris, Thank you so much…both songs are so appropriate…I am heartbroken…My husband’s
    days are numbered…a few more days of life perhaps….I hope there will soon be quicker
    diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and a cure will be found….no one should suffer as my husband
    has with this terrible disease..Love you, my Sweet Friend!!!!! Sally xoxoxoxo

  • I have heard that this cancer is very devastating. I do hope there is a cure for this. May others read this and Helen’s journal and hold hands at least in thought and hold a moment of silence for both of you. I wish I were near you and do just a little more. Love you, my sweet, dear friend. With all of my heart, Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Valerie Anne Kelly
    Valerie Anne K...over 5 years ago

    A beautiful tribute for sweet Sally& Moe sweetheART a very happy & blessed Christmas to you & yourz ;} happy hippy hugglez

  • Thank you very much val. I am so glad you were able to read this, not for me but for Sally and Moe. They really need our love, our tender loving care. Thank you for being here and reading. If there is anything you can think of to add to this part of our giving something in return, (our love and hearts to her) I’ll really appreciate it an so will she. Once again, thanks Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 5 years ago

    Iris tis is a gorgeous tribute to dear Sally and Moe. I wish you a beautiful Christmas Season and a new year that brings you much joy of life. xx

  • Thank you very much Anthea. I wish I could just give them more than a tribute to them. I wish I could bring back the happiness and life they so need. But it it only in God’s hands. Maybe if we all did some prayers it will be easier also. And thank you for your happy wishes. May you have them also. xoxoxo Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 5 years ago

    a heart felt and thoughtful tribute…much care and love for Sally and Moe…xoxo

  • Thanks Lisa, I just saw that Jane Solamon did one also for her. This is great. It is rolling. Love Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • umbra
    umbraover 5 years ago

    iris your giving heart shows a way where others might also help ease the path….well done indeed…

  • Thank you Erich. Right now, I just want now that everyone who reads this will do someting, anything to show her and Moe that they are not alone in this. We are family here, and we could show them in many our ways, artistically, wheather it be a song, a video, a poem a sketch, drawing, anything, I know it will lessen just a little bit of her pain. I love your tinkerings and I know that you know of beautiful music in you tube. And just pass the word. You could link this journal or Helen Bascoms. Then, so that Sally won’t miss it, maybe they could b’mail her. Thanks, Erich for always beeing there and so supportive. love Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • Isa Rodriguez
    Isa Rodriguezover 5 years ago

    so beautifully said my dear ,Iris. Sally is a light in the darkness. always has been for me. and sally if you read this .. I love you and may i take some of the sorrow with you . there are no words that I could say of how much you mean to me and others.

  • Thank you Isa, for being there. I’m sure you’ll come with a way to brighten her day just a little. There are two hearts here who need our love. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • lianne
    lianneover 5 years ago

    Such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do Iris – clearly Sally appreciates the love and support of her many friends here and the energy of that love has to give some peace and comfort to both Sally and Moe. They’ve been in my prayers and the prayers of so many others for many months now. This is just a lovely gift Iris – thank you.

  • I am so happy to know Lianne that you have been aware of this and that you have had them in your prayers, which is good enough for me. Others, like myself did not know, and so I thought that maybe through this and Helen’s gift then we could do something else. Right now, I am in such pain that my muse is also somewhere hidden in some dark place and won’t speak a word to me. So, that is why I just b’mailed to her my love and about the two songs that came into mind which kind of expresses what I feel right now. If any one has a poem, a piece, a song a video, a drawing, a sketch, it would be beautiful. Thank you for responding and for letting me know that your love and prayers have been for them for sometime. May others also join in. Maybe if this could be passsed on, I would appreciate it. Then if someone comes with something special, to let them b’mail it dirrectly to her and also let us know so we also will rejoice as we all love her.
    and thank you for responding and for being there. Lianne. Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 5 years ago

    Beautiful gift to Sally, Iris. I can barely contain my sadness. Sending you all the love my heart can muster Sally! xoxo

  • Thank you Helen, with this gift song you, your hubby’s and Malcom’s song you gave me the idea of letting other people also do what they do best with the abilities and use to to lighten up their load a little. I am encouraging them to write, to draw or send them inspirational music. Anything, just to let them know that we are holding hands and for them. Right now I am in two much pain, and so is my muse to write anything. Maybe later on, but not write now, so I just sent her the two songs I thought would go along with her sentiments. If you think of something else, though you have alreading done your part, I’ll appreciate it. Hope everyone sees this and yours. jane Solomon also sent her a video and I told her to send it out directly to her. With nothing else to say, Iris Loves and hugs.

    – Arco Iris R

  • helene ruiz
    helene ruizover 5 years ago

    how beautiful and heartfelt…..what a heart….sally is a wonderful woman, i feel so helpless, wish i could do or say something that will make it easier….i pray for her and her family xox

  • Pray for her and Moe. And let her know you are doing it. She will appreciate it and find peace in this. xoxo Iris

    – Arco Iris R

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 5 years ago

    I do not know Sally, but I just commented to her on your link. Thank you for letting us know as surely she needs all the love and support she can get. You are an angel. xoxoxo