Arco Iris R

Joined May 2009

My passion is writing and books. My goal is learning to draw and I’ve developed a taste for photography.

Splash Me

Slowly, every so painstakingly
from where I suckled and nourished
I was annoyingly banished
from the dark safe haven of my mother’s womb
It was so bright my eyes hurt
Angry at the World
I bestowed my first cry
No messengers from up above
to announce my arrival
I invited my black hole
and I was contently swallowed whole
As life went on
for this ordinary thing
I had become
Realization sat before me
I was a wastrel
lounging in the corner
of the chasm of my life’s tragedy
As I climbed out of my abyss
Venturing unto unknown territory
A kind handsome stranger
Took me by the hand
Whilst he showed me the murals on my wall
With the stroke of the brush he
Delicately splashed me
With Paint of many colors
With adrenaline rushing
into my veins
I took Form
I dared to caress the Sun’s face
Not a strand of hair was scorched
I dared to swim deep into the sea
Neptune gave me the tail of a mermaid
I dared venture through the Universe
All of the Black Holes bowed before me in respect
So I dared one last dare
To stand before the Heavens
Messengers with beautiful wings
A beautiful Angel
Came to greet me
He came forward and dressed me
With the most beautiful set of wings
To the most beautiful
Golden gown
That was the softest blanket
Laid on my skin
Through the mirrors
Of the Golden Gates
I saw he had given me
He colored ME before The Lord, “WOMAN”

My passion has always been reading and writing, especially poems that are written from the soul. I began to appreciate the beauty of photography and art when I first entered this wonderful bubble and now I just cannot get enough of it.I love to meet new people and see their perspectives in life.
You are welcomed to enter my world splashed with the many colors and hues of the rainbow where I am true to my name, Iris. According to Greek mythology Iris was the goddess of the rainbow which in Spanish is translated to Arco Iris. The beautiful and glorious flower Iris, also proudly bears her name in her honor.

Today the color of the avatar is all that surrounds me,

  • Joined: May 2009


Finally He Is Back Home

My dear friends, / Finally, after an almost a month’s stay in the hospital, my Dad is finally home. We almost lost him twice but thanks to the tenacity of his competent Oncologist/Hematologist and her caring love towards her patients; young and old, she was able to take him out of both of his crisis’s. It was exhausting having to drive an hour going to the hospital and another going…
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An update to Thank you all for your love and support

Hi ya all / Just wanted to let you know that it has been very difficult to get on line to view and comment on your wonderful work. / Besides our going around with my father’s doctor’s appointments for his returned cancer,. we are also dealing with his having to have a gastrostomy feeding tube insertion. We are still trying to get the hang of it… on how to feed him safely. We a…
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Saying Hi Once Again

I’m here / I’m there / I’m floating in the wind somewhere / HI everyone / Just letting you know that though I’m still dealing with life, (don’t we all?) things are much better for me. I am still dealing with my father who is with cancer and is 89 years old. / Even through all of this, I’m starting to drift back again to you; always have been in my mind and al…
Posted 4 months – 16 comments

There May Still Be Hope

A fellow bubbler, John D. Smith replied upon my sharing this beautiful and inspiring video as a comment, “Well ,…..maybe there is hope after all”. He has made a beautiful image / Happy Sounds emphasizing how beautiful music is but now has started to change somewhat its beautiful messages into negative ones. I totally agreed until I accidently stumbled upon this gem. I hope it inspires you as it…
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