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Hannah Grubb

Valparaiso, United States

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I am back at school right now so there will be a bit of a hiatus for me. I will still look and comment as much as I can.

I told a friend of mine that I would sign up for this site when I thought that I actually had something to offer. I took an introductory digital photography course (a few years ago)at Valparaiso University and I have finally created some works that I feel are worth sharing. I’m not really a beginner. I started experimenting with my film camera in early middle school but really didn’t know much more than the little that my mother had taught me. I did learn a little more recently, in high school journalism, through setting up photography workshops in art club and then of course the college class I completed in the summer of ’08.

I am a junior pharmacy student at Drake University in Des Moines. I don’t have all that much experience with photography but I am eager to learn and interested in most forms of subject matter.

Also, although I am more here for feedback and learning, if anyone would like to purchase something in a format that is not available just shoot me some mail and I’ll make it available for you.

Seriously, if you see something in a photo that could have been improved upon composition wise or mechanically please mention it. :) The people that do that for me are the ones that I make sure I keep up with because I respect them as competent photographers.

Thanks for checking out my profile ^^

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