New Kid on the Block

I’m new here at Red Bubble. I came here because a few friends from another art site recommended it.So far I’m enjoying the atmosphere here. It just seems to have a sense of calm and quiet that I’m liking so far. I’ve found a few people to watch who are wonderful artists, and I have no doubt that I’ll find many more.

It seems strange, going to a new place where everyone is foreign to you, the layout is so different and makes you feel a little lost…….. But at the same time it’s kind of liberating to start fresh.

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends, and finding old ones, and most of all – enjoying the amazing art!


  • LeviMoore
    LeviMooreabout 5 years ago

    Welcome to redbubble.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Thank you! I appreciate that!

    – Sandra Parlow

  • Angela King-Jones
    Angela King-Jonesabout 5 years ago

    What about old friends? Are they welcomed Sandra? Hope so.. :) Welcome to the bubble. I love it here. I love how professional people are and the groups. It’s a very nice change of pace

  • I had to go to your page and see just who you are! LOL! new name, different avatar…… this is going to take some getting used to!!

    I’m glad to find you here! So far I like it – it’s going to take some getting used to, and I do find that I miss being able to look in certain categories at art (say – landscape photography for example) ……. but then again, maybe you CAN and I just haven’t figured it out yet!

    I can already tell that the people here are of a more “mature” ilk. As I said to John (KK) – I haven’t seen any Naruto drawings on lined paper yet! ;)

    – Sandra Parlow

  • Angela King-Jones
    Angela King-Jonesabout 5 years ago

    ha ha I suppose I should have introduced myself ha ha sorry Sandra. I have been her for awhile. It is sooo nice but like you said there are certain things that they don’t have and one of them is the ability to search by category. Here is the best part though.. these guys take suggestions.. honest. because they are a baby company they want to make it user friendly, they want to know what we want.. it’s awesome!!! Good to see you hear and so many others from DA now too.. it’s like having family over for dinner ha ha.. Happy Easter Sandra

  • Sandra Parlow
    Sandra Parlowabout 5 years ago

    Yeah- but I knew who you were as soon as I saw your gallery and the pears! ;)

    It seems like this place may not be quite so congested – less members – for now, anyways. I’ve only found a few people from DA that I already knew – but I’m sure I’ll find a few more.

    Happy Easter to you as well!!