Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Having been fortunate enough to travel and live all over the world, I have been exposed to many cultures and environments that have something inherently unique to offer. Thus, my photographs have largely been inspired by my travels, the people, and the animals I come into contact with.

We all need to recognize the underlying connection we share with every detail in nature and the organisms around us. Through my photography, I aim to capture the true, majesty of the world, while drawing attention to critical conservation issues involving wildlife and the environment. Currently, my photography focuses on southern African wildlife and landscapes, as I’ve recently moved to South Africa!

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My Equipment:

Pentax K-7 SLR
25-80mm f3.5 Pentax lens
70-300mm f4 Tele-Macro Tamron lens
50mm f2.8 Sigma DG Macro lens

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