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Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Hi, my name’s Alex Sinclair. I’m a Nottingham based poet and artist and have over the past year been exploring and enjoying photography, recently becoming part of a creative collective called ‘BLAP!’ working with fellow artists and photographers Simon Parfrement, Lee Hallam and Andrew Pete
These are a few of my works available at the moment, please feel free to enjoy, comment or even purchase, and many thanks for stopping by!

Alex x

  • Joined: July 2010

Recently Added

The Soul Lantern Animate truthful, bright projection, dispel all worldly fears and chance / The turn upon of empty shadows, who seek to quell the souls brig… Newstead Abbey, home of the Byron’s. Melting into each and every, / Dog eared stone and phantom belfry, / Musket ball peppered, wild bricked fantasy! / Musket ball peppered, wi… Synthetic Sepulchre Now to the spittle, encouraged by / Purr rippled, cat whispered moon tales, / Pumped into his coffin, / He drools on the floor which colle… Snoring of my sleeping cat. The snoring of my sleeping cat, / Comes as muffled snippets of chatter, / Of ladies in an old tea shop, / Rattling round in her skull. Scarecrow The scarecrow hangs in a muddy field / To stifle the hungry ‘caw’, / His crucifixion seems to yield / A Jesus made of strawR… 2 What’s written down by thee, O Universe? / We stumble as apes upon physical illusion, / And throw ourselves, regardless, into battle,… Gilgamesh Fall at the foot of Nephilim! / Here in the court of the angel king, / Where mortal cat eyed concubines stroke, / The toes of mighty Gilgam… Minotaur Fire quenched, beast within a maze, / I locked my horns with grand pursuit; / A Minotaur I seemed to raise, / Engaged in acts of ill repute… Walt Disney I am he that be Walt Disney, / Maker of mice and dwarves and deer, / They froze my head in liquid Nitrogen, / To be awoken in some distant … Ketamin – A Galapagos Turtle with an Ego Mo… That’d never thought of a tree, / When gliding in waters deep and blue, / Where Sharks and Octopus played water sports, / And old wrecks co… Untitled by Hairypoet Untitled by Hairypoet