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I'm on my way!!

So I’ve been really busy, and mildly insane, trying to actually live the dream and open my own brick and mortar art gallery!!!
I found a cool space in a cool town, got approval from the art board and started a kickstarter to raise the money to fix up and update the place to code. I’ve found other artists who create the same kind of dark, outsider work as myself, and have spent the last month constantly pimping the kickstarter on Facebook.
I had no idea I could do ANY of this! I wanted to pop in and say thanks to all of you who liked my work and kept telling me I was an artist.
Without you all and this site, I never wouldhave thought to even try. I plan on posting some of the newer work AND some pics of the space, very soon.
(The kickstarter is still going if anyone is interested, but it’s NOT why I posted.)
Thank you all again!

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