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Our Aussie brothers and sisters need help~~~

Muscular Teeth posted this and I thought I’d repost in case anyone I know didn’t see his post. This is really rough.

Bushfire Appeal: Hello one and all.
Victoria (one of australia’s states) has had a terrible fire rage through in the last few days, and has had terrible consequences with so far 108 confirmed dead.
Anne Van Alkemade has set up a paypal bushfire appeal which you can learn more about HERE
this is truly a devastating fire, probably the worst in Australian history – certainly worse than the Ash Wednesday fire in 1983.
Australians are known for their genoristy and charity- we as a nation had given so much to the tsunami appeal, the nonsense in burma, even with hurrican katrina – in this time of trouble, it would be nice to see some of that charitable feeling return back this way.

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ok….. My linking is still awful. Copy / paste this into your browser for the Australian red cross site

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