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Be back soon !

I have had a lot of things going on in the last month or so . I also am working on a big project . I will be placing images back here at RB soon !!

six in one day!

I would like to say thanks to the person or persons who purchased six of my images today. The girls say thanks also ! Ive never sold that many at one time before !!!

A note from Samantha Ann . This will explain the pie photo's

You have all seen the ALS ice bucket challenge – well Samantha is a part of a challenge for Huntington’s disease: “The Pie in the Face Challenge. Samantha is a caretaker to her mother who has this terrible disease : Huntingtons Disease. A note from Samantha :
“My mother has this brain deteriorating living hell of a disease. I myself have a 50/50 chance of being in her place one day. I will loose her many many many years before normal – there is NO CURE. My questions to you is : What would you do if this was your mother, your risk, your life being put on hold to be a caregiver? Having to literally pick your mother off the ground when she falls tending to slam her head on something, giving herself a concussion? Having to in her eyes as she is choking on her food, because y…

Pick us one out, Frank .

You never know what is going to catch someones eye. My image titled Pick us one out , Frank has sold this morning. I would like to say thanks to whoever the purchaser is . I hope you enjoy it for years to come .

This afternoon . 6-30-14

Everyone who follows me here on RB knows of Beth . She has worked with me for years on the pin up and hot rod images. She decided to retire and pass the torch on to someone else earlier this year . She was the first one in my images to get published in a magazine and her photos eventually ended up in three magazines. She has quite a large fan base.
her house burned this afternoon . Herself , Husband and kids are all alright . There are a lot of images on my pages that feature Beth as the model . If any of her images sell Im letting them keep all the profits from the sales. I will go through the archives and add some more of my works featuring her over the next few days .


I just realized that I had made a sale 8 days ago. I wish they would send a Bubblemail when you make a sale. Thanks to the buyer , who ever you may be !!!!


I would like to say thanks to the person who purchased a card of my photo titled " Ghost of a pin up girl" !!!


It seems that I have sold a couple of prints over the last few days . Id like to say thanks to whoever purchased them.