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Lucinda Walter

Lucinda Walter

Green Valley, United States

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Wonderful New! SOLD! TWO Throw Pillows!

Wonderful news! Sold two throw pillow of Blue Pottery On Wall This is an honor to have my work purchased. Thank you very much.

It is not often that a buyer lets you know of their purchase – but this very special RB buyer has! May you enjoy the pillows on our sofa for many years to come!
Thank you very much for this purchase of one of my favorite works and for letting me know so I could personally thank you. This really means a lot to me.

I will be doing the happy dance for a long time to come.

Thanks again.


Wonderful New! SOLD! Throw Pillow!

Wonderful news! Sold a throw pillow of Blue Pottery On Wall! This is a very special photograph for me. I love the contrast of the blues against the walls and the different textures. This is an honor to have my work purchased! Many thanks to that very special buyer! May you have many hours of enjoying the pillow in a special place in your home! Many thanks!


Fabulous News - SOLD Greeting Card!!!

Fabulous News! Sold a greeting card!
Thank you very much to that VERY SPECIAL BUYER who purchased a greeting card of my work Creation
I’m very honored.

This work is very special to me as I was able to follow a gifted potter into the studio to see her work. May you or your recipient have great joy in this work as I had in creating the photo. Thank you very much!


by Lucinda Walter

Announcement - Lucinda Walter has Photographs Published in Discover Southern Arizona Magazine 2014-2015 AND Inside Green Valley Sahuarita Magazine 2014-2015

Lucinda Walter is very honored and pleased to announce that several photographs have been published in the Discover Southern Arizona — 2014-2015 magazine! and Inside Green Valley/Sahuarita – 2014-2015 magazine

Discover Southern Arizona Magazine

Click on Our most recent publication Discover Southern Arizona — 2015 and go to pages 8, 37, 50, 60, 62, 67, 102, and 105 to see her published photographs.

Some of the published photographs can also be found here on RedBubble.

(Discover Southern Arizona Magazine – Page 50)

Calm Water at the Lake

(Discover Southern Arizona Magazine – Page 67)

Bridge at Patagonia Lake State Park

(Discover Southern Arizona Magazine – Page 102)

The Owl

(Discover Southern Arizona Magazine – Page 102)
The Hawk

(Discover Southern Arizona Magazi…