Strood, United Kingdom

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Over the years I have been known by many names: Jason, Farrow, Hamar, Gumley, Utterhokum, Mr Hokum, Talax, Troben, Alethi, Sabelle, Kirafiki, Zane, Flyn, Augustus… the list goes on, and hopefully always will, as each name represents a character from some sort of pen and paper, dice based game that keeps me off the streets and out of trouble… well except with the wife :/

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First footprints in the snow

It’s a strange thing to create. Over the years I have created pictures, sculptures, paintings (Very badly) yet have rarely thought to sharing them in a way that people may want to purchase them, or even wear them o_O / So as I approached the freshly fallen snow untouched as yet by my misshapen boots, concerned that my footprints would dispel the wonder. I took a deep breath and stepped forw…
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