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His Name was Joe.

I went out with a friend that night..
back to the playhouse we went,
time of our life.
Got hit on, she leaned in to ask me what I was doing
after all of this..

due to the damn loud music..
I was unable to make out
a sound.

“I think she was askin you out..”
my friend replied to me..
she was already out of sight..
a missed opprotunity that could have turned
into a kinky night.

2 in the morning in I walk.
Heavy with “what ifs”
“Have a good time..?”
your brown eyes confuse me,
but I shrug it off and boldly state..

“You know..
I care for you..
love you, would move mountains,
swim oceans,
sink to the depths..all for you..
and for what, you show nothing in return!

I got hit on tonight, by a female,
if she can find me attractive…somethings wrong with you.."

stitch your lips I did, for you said nothing more.

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