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Glenwood, United States


Flow of Conscious Thought

I do beleive in fairies…
the sky is blue, traffic is a blur, some things make sense..
some don’t who cares if they do..
who cares if they don’t…
I starve for attention..
His attention..
he, who I hurt so many times..
I turned his heart black…
a supermassive black hole..
one that I need to fill again..
redemption is in season..
in months it will be time to reap…
but not now..
I will sit back and listen…
sit back and contemplate..
watch the signs..
all the little things, that will make you want me…
all over again..

A comeback?

Good possibility…for how long? who knows. I miss all of you. Been away for awhile..
and want to come back. thought I should stop by and say hi to all those of the past, present and future.
Still a full-time mother..still doing photography and recently snapped at my cousins wedding.
I do plan on posting those in the future.
I hope 2009 brings all things great for all of you. take care! until we meet again…


First off Happy New Year and Holidays to everyone!
I know it was stated that I would return and comment on all the beauitul pieces I have missed out on, and the potential for meeting new people, and making friends on bubble,

however, since my son and I have moved back in with my mother, things have gone
from good to worse with each passing day,
anyone who’s anyone knows how much I still feel for my ex..
and all this drama has basically plunged me into depression and indecision of all things really.

Please know that all of you are in my thoughts, but reality calls, it was my fault I had answered.
Case in point, my ex and mother don’t get along, and there’s alot of other stuff in the mix, things have been said, screams and other shouts, no one seems to pay attention/ or care a…

Catch Up Conundrum...

Many days have passed and I have to play catch up on everything here. ^^
it is quite overwelming! but a challenge embraced..

My absence is due to my clumsiness, spilled a beverage all over my keyboard, and thus, problems trying to open the computer, so finally bought a new keyboard!!^^

So I am back, and will continue lying dormant until I catch up on EVERYTHING!^^
all you beautiful RBers deserved to know ^^

My regards,

My first project..

I decided my first creative project is going to be a wedigo…we shall see how well it turns out. ^^
I have a fascintation for creatures of myth and legend.

Something Scary This Way Churned..

A Tragic thing happened Dec. 5th 2:00 in the afternoon.
Prior to this prediciment, anyone who knows me..
knows that I still have a strong link to my ex..and he does security work for
“Yale.” (small corp. basically ships them all over in Omaha Neb.)
anyway Monday I called him and he told me this whole week is sent to do security work at a mall in Omaha..the same Mall that happened to get shot up yesterday afternoon.

A total of 9 people had died..a spray of gunfire nailed down people, people were locking themselves in dressing rooms, and ducking for cover.
As soon as I heard about this…my heart sank.
Fearing for his life, I rushed home as soon as I could to call him.
much to a miracle he is very much alive!!^^ But prayers and tears go out to
the victims and their families.


Coming out of the closet..

I have been so inspired by so many artworks here on redbubble!
that it only pushes me to further pursue; dreams, hopes and aspirations of
becoming a great artist, in both art and writing.

I feel a greatness coming on, I want to be one of those people who
dare to push the envelope!!
I would like to thank Jo for that! her art is amazing!!
Classy, Brillant and yet leaves a viewer uncomfortable at the same time!!^^

I feel a moment of greatness coming on!!
I am hoping the future images turn out quite well, with a twist of grymm style!! ^^

Manuscript in the Making! ^^

I’m throwing a manuscrip together called

I’m not entirely sure on details yet…
but if it passes, and things go as planned,
all poetry/prose/stories and otherwise will be in print!

Wish me luck on this fantastic journey.

I would like thank those that have been with me since the beginning.
(there will be a fitting dedication insert!)

Little Ghost Picture.

True story behind this image, was intended to be just a snapshot of
my son.
The image appearing in the window was not there the time I took the picture.

However, there are trees, and things in the yard..
but using my trusty Graphics manager hats off to you Walgreens
I was able to manipulate the image!!

Until I figure a way to save it while manipulated will be a miracle..
this raises brows of concern.
still could be brush and tree..
There is a bit of a history to that house, and it’s past occupants.
Not sure of what happened..

I’m guessing that house was built in the early 1900s.
so anything is possible from that standpoint.
when viewing this, I ask you keep an open mind, and really let me know..
give me some feedback, debate on it.
I refuse to beleive that it’s just tree and limbs.…

Invite to Art Institute of Pittsburg!!!

It’s true!
The Art Institue wants me to “come on board” and enroll.
I haven’t done it yet, I need all new equipment.

Have been scanning over Towers, Monitors, Scanner/Printers..ect.
I never knew I could have such a love affair with a piece of technology as
I have today!!

The Mac Mini! never use to beleive in “love at first sight..”
till now..
So, saving up for the Mini, price ranging monitors and all
other equip.
will finally start to pursue my dream as a “graphic artist.”

I’ll send out the memo when things start to fall into place..
till then thank you for the praises, and please everyone,
never hesitate to send constructive, creative criticism my way!
I need all the advice I can get!! ^^


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