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Luggage Point/Crude Berth, Australia

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I’m a loser.

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RedBubble's encroaching conservatism

I respected their decision when someone – yes probably only 1 person- complained about my Advance Australia Fair shirt and RB said that they believed in freedom of speech etc. and it would be my decision to remove it or not. / But now years, later… RedBubble removes a shirt Wingdings after probably one complaint. / I fear RB is getting more conservative by the day.. my try threadless,…
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$old "All Tip No Iceberg"

Which is surprising… seeing how dated that shirt is now. / He’s not even in parliament any more for Pete’s sake!!
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$o£D two shirts!!

ANother two.. / Yes.
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Challenging the Anzac myth

Some Aussie veterans reflect on the brutality of war and question how politicians use our armed forces on ANZAC Day / The Australian-based veterans group Stand Fast, comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have called on people to reject blind patriotism and flag waving this ANZAC Day. Stand Fast has called for reflection on the brutality o…
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