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Kevin Skinner

Joined September 2008

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Photographer, I just happen to love my surroundings and share what I see. Had that unexpected...

PS, I Love You - but by Subscription (Am I missing something?)

Every now and then, I get the notion to upgrade my software – as you do.

So I trot off (metaphorically speaking, as I know it is just a couple clicks on a mouse then I’m into the Adobe website), try and find the latest Photoshop or Lightroom………..hmmmmmmmm.

Ok, I can still buy the upgrade for Lightroom (which is version 5) for a mere £57.64……great! Where’s the checkout?

I could get an upgrade to CS6 from my CS5 for a hefty £188!!!!!! (Ouch, sore one when I originally paid over £500 for my first CS2 copy years ago!)

The new Photoshop though………….you can only get it through a “single app” subscription. You download it and use it through a monthly rental/fee with a commitment for a year for a certain fee (£17.58 per month), month-to-month fee that allows you to cancel at any time (£27.34 per month) or because I have already got CS5, I can get it for, at least, a year for £8.78 per month.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there! I could, if I wanted, get my Lightroom upgraded as well but I would have to go for the full Creative Cloud version (it doesn’t come as a “single app”) which I could get with PS CC for limited period offer of £27.34 – that’s for all of the Creative suite applications!!!!!! This sort of makes sense when I also have Dreamweaver CS5.5 as well on the computer.

How bl**dy confusing is this? It’s like sorting out the options list of a new car but worse!

It sells it with a lot of enthusiasm: telling you of continual updates and upgrades when they become available (which you get now for the latest CS range). All this is telling you that you’ll always have the latest versions on the computer at any time.

So I combed through the terms and conditions…………….doesn’t tell you an awful lot to be honest.

So what happens if you cannot afford the monthly subscription anymore? Can you revert back to your boxed/downloaded genuine software? What happens to all of the files you have edited in the newer software that may not be able to be read by the older version (if the older versions are still enabled)?

I know that Adobe suffers greatly from pirate versions of their software but is this step, a step too far for their loyal customers that buy genuine software? Much prefer having a boxed version on my shelf so that I can reinstall in case of emergency, personally.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone gone CC?

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