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Aquaphobia: A Journey

I recently released a set of images that, when put together in a sequence, gave the viewer a sense of what my fear is/was like to me – my sensations and emotions as they emerge through the cycle of Aquaphobia.

This is quite a personal journey, or voyage (if you like to keep it watery), and hopefully this will give you an essence of my struggles with this subject.

In this journal, I will take you on this brief voyage and, by the end, I hope you will understand the messages that “flow” through them.

Here goes………..


At first, you try to stand your ground. You can feel the tension build within your mind and the nervousness builds but you try to resist – stay strong and, hopefully, it will pass. It still tugs at you though and, almost unpercep…

Another wee twist in the journey......

A good while ago, I wrote a journal about how I had lost my way with Photography and I did say that I would write a follow-up on how I got on. So here it is…….

Well, I did take up the paintbrush. Did a few paintings (apparently, I do have talent…who would have known!) and, although I wouldn’t put them up on a wall, I’m quite proud of my attempts.

On my last outing that was meant to be with the easel and sticks, I went out with an artist friend of mine. However, he said that he would bring his canvas and I should bring my camera. Scratching my wee bald head, I did what I was told and went with my, then dusty, camera and tripod.

We sat in front of a seascape and then I was tasked to take some photos and my friend would do a wee watercolour. So we went about our…

Game Changer or Marketing Gimmick?

It’s been a long, long time since I have even considered getting another camera body but I have to admit my sights have been wandering to the new Canon EOS 5Ds.

A whopping 50.6 mega-pixel sensor, interchangeable sensor modes (able to do crop sensor capabilities – 1.3x and 1.6x as well as full frame), the list goes on like the credits to Star Wars.

I admit that I was full of “Ooooo’s” and “Ahhhhh’s” as I read some reviews. All with the promise that the detail was out-of-this-world and, more or less, saying that my 5D MkII was now good for the Camera Heaven that most of my prized bits of technology have gone before.


50.8 megapixels…………how much sharper will my images be compared to my lowly 20.8…

A Start Of Another Journey.....

First off, a not so wee apology for me not being around lately. My faltering presence has been all part of the reason I’m writing this journal if the truth be known.

Life has been frustrating over the past couple of years. Work has nearly taken over with so much going on and aspects in which I needed to be present to make that difference within my industry (it’s still going on but I’m needing to step back for a while).

My photography has suffered as a consequence. Of which, I don’t really know why?

My love for the land has never diminished. The heart still aches for a stunning seascape or a majestic mountainscape across a Loch, but…………..

My captures are just not doing it for me anymore. They leave me cold, detached for the scene, and despera…

Is it me or are all my images......

Something that has been bothering me when I upload my work on RB these days.

When I have crafted the image in PS and save it down, it looks spot on. When I upload it here, it looks too dark.

What’s the story?

Any thoughts?

To Blog Or Not To Blog.......

The past couple of years have been, sort of, difficult for me in terms of Photography.

Even though I live in one of the most beautiful and inspiring lands in the world, I’m finding it difficult to see or be satisfied with my results. So much so, I am very hesitant to upload my work as they are just not good enough in my view.

I think this has been even more highlighted when I got an email saying that this years Landscape Photographer Of The Year competition is open again for entries (something I have been reasonably successful in over the past six years – shortlisted every year I’ve entered and finalist three times – so I mustn’t grumble). I simply don’t think I have produced anything over the past year that is strong enough to get me even shortlisted o…

Consequence: Could of been the end.........

In my work and life, I have always thought through consequences and scenarios of actions. Apparently, it is a strength (so I have been told anyway) of mine.

Recently, I read an article about Michael McKeena and a certain court case with Korean Airlines. This one was strange indeed.

Before going on, you should read this first: Article

If Michael had of won his case, what would that have meant for whole of Photography, especially Landscape?

Would that have meant once a view was taken that meant it was forever copyrighted commercially? How about a certain composition? The mind just starts racing!

For me, even if obliviously going about the countryside taking images of my journeys, I could have been infringing copyright with every shutter release!

The aspect of composition chilled me too. I h…

Is it me?......

On my return to my photography life (yes, I took a break for various reasons), I posted a few photos here at RB then looked at my activity list………….ghost town!

It was like tumbleweed rolling across my screen! A handful of posts from favourites and even then, they were from less than handful of photogs.

What’s happened? Where have folk gone?

"Is it ok to want more?".......

I have often said that since I started my photography journey, I had my eyes opened for the first time to the natural beauty that is all around me here in Scotland. However, since my heart operation just over two and half years ago now, my eyes have been opened even more to myself together with all the experiences that come my way day-by-day.

Let me explain with a happening or two this week.

I was sitting in the Doctors surgery early this week. I was feeling unwell and a bit overwhelmed with my lot – basically thought I was starting to have more heart symptoms again.

As I sat there, I looked up and there was a wee boy smiling at me. It was the purest smile I think I’ve ever seen and with that he picked up his Mum’s hand then kissed it and smiled at her too. His Mum smile…

PS, I Love You - but by Subscription (Am I missing something?)

Every now and then, I get the notion to upgrade my software – as you do.

So I trot off (metaphorically speaking, as I know it is just a couple clicks on a mouse then I’m into the Adobe website), try and find the latest Photoshop or Lightroom………..hmmmmmmmm.

Ok, I can still buy the upgrade for Lightroom (which is version 5) for a mere £57.64……great! Where’s the checkout?

I could get an upgrade to CS6 from my CS5 for a hefty £188!!!!!! (Ouch, sore one when I originally paid over £500 for my first CS2 copy years ago!)

The new Photoshop though………….you can only get it through a “single app” subscription. You download it and use it through a monthly rental/fee with a commitment for a year for a certain fee (£17.5…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait