I am an art student with to many characters living in my head. Though on occasion I’m able to put them on paper. I’m mainly on deviantart but I’m working on broadening my network of people that view my work and I believe that Redbubble is the place to do it.

I like cartoons to the point where if I didn’t enroll and work my way to a degree in illustration people would stage an intervention
I adore British TV and have been called an anglophile on more than one occasion
I have a problem with run on sentences, getting blood work done, and preparing for a zombie apocalypse mainly because I’m not sure if I’m dealing with the 28 Days Later version or the Dylan Dog version.

I plan on starting an occupy movement the minute I hear Michael Bay try and pitch an updated version of, Rainbow Bright, Voltron, The Jetsons or Darkwing Duck and I’m pretty sure I’ll have a following.

@GreyFairie on Twitter
Because its fun when people creatively stalk you :)

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