First Sale! aaaahhhhhhhhh!

It was never really about making a stack of cash…. After a tad of a breakdown at the beginning of the year, I found time to start drawing again. My little drawings were accompanied with words and the Gretel Girl Draws blog was born.
I fell in love with the Red Bubble community… within an hour of first uploading some of my simple little drawings I had a dozen comments from you lovely Red Bubble peeps!
Aaah, the love.
I clicked on the Sales History link a thousand times… like a ritual… for fun… assuming there wouldnt be a sale. Until today….
my first sale.
yes, my first RedBubble sale!
AAAaaaahhhh!… my first sale!
Thank you lovely customer.
The thought that someone wanted to part with their money in order to have one of my little drawings!….oh, it warms my heart!
x trace

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