Goderich, Ontario, Canada

Every Sunday my husband travels to Goderich to sell books and records at the flea market in Goderich, Ontario which is 45 min. away from Kincardine. This morning he headed out, but ended up turning around and coming home because it was raining too hard……..and we are glad he did. Here is a video of what he missed by not going today.


  • Mike Oxley
    Mike Oxleyabout 3 years ago

    Jaysus, Greta! What a disaster! Good thing hubby turned around. Was anyone hurt? Judging by what the lady said, I don;t think so, but……

    Pretty close to home, eh? A little too close!


  • Definately too close!! We were getting a ton of weather warnings for Kincardine but it always seems to blow over us (thank goodness). It usually picks up steam inland, but Goderich is right on Lake Huron too….so I guess next storm warning I’m heading to the basement.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • Mike Oxley
    Mike Oxleyabout 3 years ago

    Don’t blame ya! We’ve been lucky down this way, too. There have been a few dandy storms, but most of the time they’ve blown around us, too. There’s one rumbling outside at the moment! And how’s this for stupid? I was over at The Sister’s for dinner this evening and offered to shuck the corn. Here’s Idiot Boy, outside in a thunderstorm, standing under an umbrella, under a tree. What’s wrong with this picture???? :o)

  • Holy mackeral Mike, give your head a shake!!!! I would have taken pictures of you though.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • © Hany G. Jadaa © Prince John Photography
    © Hany G. Jada...about 3 years ago

    Holy smokes Greta! We had some pretty bad weather here too in the Oakville/Mississauga/Toronto area, but I haven’t see anything like what I’ve seen in your video! Hope no one got hurt! Glad to know your husband turned around and came back home safe.

  • Unbelievably only one person got killed (not that that’s a good thing) but it could have been so much worse. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it happened down by the lake at the Sifto Salt Mine.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • Livvy Young
    Livvy Youngabout 3 years ago

    Gosh Greta, so glad hubby did not go my thoughts are with the towns people.

  • Thank you Livvy!!! Only one person died, but the whole centre of town is gone. A little too close to home and it’s still thundering and awful outside.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • alaskaman53
    alaskaman53about 3 years ago

    We had have a short tornado,last week on a festival called “pukkelpop”,5 people where killed there and a 6 one later in a hospital.This was so crazy, it happend on a sunny day in just 10 minuites about 10miles from my home.We had a bicicle race today in Ulbeek and keep one minuit silence for the death people and the family and friends.I’m so sorry for you guys.
    Rich de schutter Genk Belgium

  • I just watched the video of pukkelpop. That is so scary!!! It was pretty much the same here. The park where they have the market was demolished in just a few seconds and the storm only lasted 15 min.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • CanyonWind
  • Thank you so much POP’s. I am so glad that we are allowed to journal. Somehow it makes me feel more in touch with the rest of the world. It is a way of sharing our experiences be they good or bad. Thank you for the opportunity.

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersabout 3 years ago

    The video has been removed by the user . . .

  • Nope! I still have it on my computer?

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • ahhhhh!!! I see. I will try for another one!!!!!

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • EdsMum
    EdsMumabout 3 years ago

    Well I never, I have a daughter lives in Exeter and she sometimes goes to Goderich, is that where they have a model of a ship or lighthouse?, I vaguely remember going there many years ago, when i was visiting from Australia. Shirley

  • Yes it is Shirley. It’s going toi take them a long time to recover. It hit right in the centre of town which is the hub of activity. I’m definately going to wait a while before I go there. Hope you’r daughter didn’t go there on Sunday!!!!

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • missmoneypenny
    missmoneypennyabout 3 years ago

    What an escape – somebody was looking out for him :O)

  • Yep!!!! And they say WOMANS intuition, I guess my husband has some of that too. LOL

    – Greta McLaughlin