Just when I though everything was under control regarding my computer, I now find more programmes missing. I went out today to replace one of the programmes I lost, but my &%$^^& computer won’t recognize my D drive and won’t download it. Will this ever end???



  • owlspook
    owlspookover 3 years ago

    omg so sorry to hear about your nasty computer giving you a pain again .. sounds as if your d drive is taking a dive! hope the solution will come as soon as possible (big smile) … hugs .. owlspook

  • Thanks so much owlspook. And to think, I lived without a computer for so many years and now it owns me!!! LOL

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • owlspook
    owlspookover 3 years ago

    lol .. oh I truly understand! …if all of a sudden there were no more computers or even the possibility of computing I’d be in withdrawls and the I’d have to rearrange my whole life! yikes! LOL …. it would be like not having indoor plumbing anymore LOL

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekover 3 years ago

    Oh you poor thing…………………’s really a pain when the computer acts up!!!
    Hope it all gets sorted out asap…………..;-))

  • me too Steph!!!! I’ve lost my bubbles!!!!!!!

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindover 3 years ago

    Use external " C ’ drives and plug them in onlt as needed . Store everything you can on it . Most start at one Terrabite.

    New feature Banner.
    by CanyonWind

  • Thanks so much for the help!!!!

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • This journal is a feature!!!!! WOW!!!!! I should complain more often!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • Jan Siemucha
    Jan Siemuchaover 3 years ago

    Sorry about your computer, but I can’t help laugh along with you !
    I scream & chew my computer just about every day !
    It has been in the shop more than home, LOL !
    Hopefully you get the upper hand soon !
    Congrats on the feature !

  • I have to laugh, or I’ll break the thing into little pieces and then where would I be!!!!! LOL

    – Greta McLaughlin

  • Bootiewootsy
    Bootiewootsyover 3 years ago

    Greta, I have two drives on my computer.. The D drive is back up drive for C… C drive is for my programs.. I also have two external hard drives, but use the C drive on my computer to run my programs… Hope maybe this will help.. My D drive is almost completely filled when it came from the factory with all the backup info for running the computer..

  • Thank you so much for the info. At this rate I better get a shopping cart full of Drives!!!! ha ha ha

    – Greta McLaughlin