I write and I paint and I am interested in most things creative.

I started out painting landscapes in watercolour, mainly to be out in nature and be absorbed by her beauty. In recent years I have extended my interests to acrylics and oils, leaning toward subjects which originate in my imagination, sometimes using reference material, but never trying to replicate a photograph, or even a portion of one, because I believe a painting should not be merely a depiction of something, but a response to something.

It gives me great pleasure to see the work of other artists who have responded to the beauty in the world.

I have written amusing stories in rhyme for children as well as some for adults. I have published one collection of these, and plan another soon. I have also written the scripts for three children’s musicals, two of which have been performed, and the script for a musical suitable for general audiences. This one has not yet been performed.

I teach mechanical engineering and have an interest in fine woodwork. At one time I learnt the art of violin making and completed three violins.


  • Age: 63
  • Joined: May 2011