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Comments please! - I have a new website - yes again - and i'm back!

Hi fellow Bubblers! Its been a frantic month or two! / My laptop died, and allthough i work in IT – its taken me a month to get back online! Yes it was that bad! / I’m going to go back through and say thank you to everyone for their lovely comments! / I have just created a new Flash website! → i’m just using it as an entry for people to come on here and see my work :) / ht…
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My First Bubble Sale!!

Yay! A friend bought a framed print of “All along the Beachhuts” / Wohoooooooooooooooooooo!!
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I have a website! (But still use redbubble hehe)

I thought i needed something more personal – so i created / Would love to get some feedback :) / i dont sell anything directly from there, more just give it as an introduction to my work :) / Hope you enjoy! / Greg
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Wow! Bubblemail Madness!!!

I;ve been away a couple of weeks, and have just seen the number at the top of the page! 200+ bubblemails!! Woah!! / A quick browse through, and 99% are messages from groups telling me that someone is featured, or a competition is starting… / Why do people do that?!?! I can see all of that just by logging in and looking? / I am very sorry if anyone has actually messaged me to speak to me, bu…
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