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when the feeling comes / it’s like a weight / tied around my ankle / dragging behind me….

a series of little pushes

a series of little pushes / in just the right directions / the giant cosmic hand / guiding one and all / soft, like a coffin’s felt /…


yesterday / it was a life-giving red / an art deco womb / thick and rich and thriving / today / it hangs in tatters of red / an old fashion…

to do my honest part

she will read me with a sage’s eyes / far beyond the expertise of her novice art / she will reveal the darker truths / always hiding …

neither melt, nor feel

and she, all armor and shields / like a shining piece of fragile steel / in his presence can neither melt, nor feel~

she lets the sheeps in

she lets the sheeps in / and hopes desire for the wolf / abates….

sprite can

here’s to the memory / standing stark and still / inside my head:

the unallowed grief

tonight i really want a drink / a little something to take / the edge off the unallowed grief / for the yearning and the envy / still runs…

The Five

never did we believe in The Five / never did we feel any allegiance / but never did we speak out against it either….

George, i can’t figure

George, i can’t figure / and i find that curious….

a brittle sweet

she has lost the suppleness she once had / the grace, the easy laughter / and there is nothing smooth about her now….

to complacency

what hand has pushed me / off the edge of the blade? / have i not earned release / from self imposed intensity?

leave that all to the mother

and the irony was sharp / and needled them both / and was just a bit absurd….

all my why’s and what for’s

i want it to consume me / like water from a clear and silent pool / consumes the quiet riverbank around it….

let this be

devotion to religion comforted my grandmother’s odd circle / i can see how we all need something in which to believe….

it’s then i see him

and sometimes when nights are cold / when i am lonely / and miss his love so fiery and bold~

among grey thinning clouds

i have passed the 5-0 / i have seen the high water mark / i don’t expect the answers / to come as easily anymore…..

in spite of all i said

i tried to make it right with you / but i had been spread out / on the glistening hymnals by then…..

it didn’t feed the pink

scrape away the rusted rage and what gleams? / love i offered up from down here on my knees~

close down your mind for the night

so you push yourself back in your desk chair / and you quietly absorb all the blows / they come from the left and they come / from the righ…

she washed me in her watercolors

she washed me in her watercolors / but my black ink bled back through…


if the violence swirling all around us / doesn’t strike us down specifically / at the very least it frays / the edges of our resolve…

fine white powder

burying my head into the warm crevice / there between your neck and shoulder / your familiar scent overpowering me~

i come to see the stone

it is many years ago / i see an arch of white stone / surrounded by inkblue darkness / and i am not alone…

if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over th…

if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over the upturned collar / of my peacoat as i lean alluringly back on the front fender / of your…

to make the shadows disappear

and you sit in the only open space / and you hug your knees to your chest / and you have your eyes screwed shut / so you won’t see~

pluck me


we stood in the hallway and talked in whispers…

i decided i could make it better if i cooked you dinner / fried chicken, mashed potatoes, my half assed gravy / i spent so much time and en…

heavy red

and with a kiss we parted / my heart heavy red / and back in my own hands….

a consent by silence

i became guilty of a consent by silence / as i tacitly agreed to their terms…..

where she goes

sometimes i see her slipping by / running gracefully / hand in hand with pensive poems / her lines of verse / and i wonder where she goes~

what little there is left

she swims up at me / from the darkest night sky / her eyes like black fire….

i breathe in Red

i hear her whisper / how old is this tight place / drawn over your heart? / it is as old as Forever, i reply…

your touch and the wine, my love



i focus my eyes / on the collar of her dress / and wait for the parade / of emotions….

my words are oxygen

….someone / is standing on that most necessary of veins / some trickery….tom foolery….perpetrated / by terrified thought…

the one worth changing for

some truths hurt more than others / and some heal / but of all the truths i was ever told / by all the other lovers….

requiem for a sonovabitch

he said he saw Jesus in the TV set / i guess he thought that was the best / he was ever gonna get….

lie down and rest now

let the tears gently flow / ride their waves into oblivion / toward the dawn of the new day~

writhing on her tether

it must have been the champagne / lulling me into a false sense of security / allowing me to believe i would have her / on her back / in j…

too hard to share

i wrote a poem for her / on the 10th / seems like i do that every year….


it started with you / thank you / the day you blew holes in my world / well, i thought it was all over~
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