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I Made a Sale | Feb 08, 2012 | Thank you to all the kind people who support my work!

I’m so thrilled, I just logged on to find that someone has bought my Solitary on an iPhone case . And the best thing is, this time it wasn’t anonymous! So now I send a big shout out to tjf50 who was kind enough to leave me a little message after purchasing my work. Thanks so much for your support and I am so happy to know you enjoyed this one because it is one of my own personal favourites!

Thank you for your support and I hope the iPhone case makes you as happy as you’ve made me!

My Recent Sales

I have decided to keep this post as a rolling inventory of my sales and a continued thank you to those who are supporting my work, not only through purchasing my work but through encouraging comments, features and faves.

Thank you!

I haven’t sold a huge amount of work but I’ve sold a few pieces in various products and sizes, mostly to anonymous buyers, and so I want to say thank you to whoever they may be. If you are reading this, you know who you are!

It is really encouraging for me when my work sells, even if it is as small as a greeting card. When people enjoy my work enough to actually want to spend money on it, that is very encouraging and gratifying. And it reminds me why I love this site, the quality of work, the talent and the kindness of the people who participate here makes it my favourite site to visit. It encourages me to learn and evolve in my work and sparks creativity in me that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

So thank you to those who have bought my work and thank you to everyone who supports me with encouraging comments, faves, features etc. It really does mean a lot!

And now for the shameless self promotion – My work that has sold:

A little explanation for the repetition of these journals
I’ve decided to keep renewing these journals and updating each time I make a sale, firstly to keep an inventory of what has been sold and also as a way of maximising my potential for being found online. The more written text you have online, the easier it is for search engines to find you. So please, do bear with the boredom and repetition – there is method in the madness!

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