Applied Imagination Features and Challenge Reminder

Hello all, if you haven’t already heard – I’m co-hosting a fantastic new group called Applied Imagination , This group is all about promotion and making your work sell. We accept all types of art and products. That means we want to see your iPhone cases, Tshirts, Calendars and anything else of high quality that you think is worth buying. We will be doing a rotating roster of features – last time it was iPhones, this time Ell chose some excellent tshirts. There weren’t a lot of tshirt designs in the group to choose from but the ones she found are awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing more as this group grows!

Congrats to Robin Brown , wildraw and buttonpresser whose work is featured here – thanks for sharing your stuff with us! I recommend everyone going to check out their work and leave them some feedback. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Ell was only able to feature 6 tshirts so far but we are hoping to expand it to 12 if you guys start sending in your designs!

And don’t forget to label your work correctly . If you add “iPhone” or “Tshirt” (for example) into the title of your work it makes it easier to find and that means more features from us and more hits from people surfing the net.

Make An Impression Challenge Reminder

On another note, the Make An Impression $20 Voucher Banner Challenge is open for entries – you’ve got about 2 weeks to get your entries in before voting starts.

I so hope someone will take an interest in this. I know it sounds like a challenging task but I’m sure you guys are up to it. It’s fun, it’ll make the group look great and of course, there is the voucher up for grabs for the winner!

Please check it out and show off your ‘design’ skills!

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