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Canon Photo5 - An Artistic Evolution?

In the last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of my spare time thinking about, planning, shooting, editing and uploading photos for the Canon Photo5 competition. The challenge of this competition has stretched me artistically in a way that I never even intended to happen. / The Competition / The Photo5 competition is where Canon send you five everyday objects in the mail and you are challenged to …
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Do You See What I See?

Why do my own photos look pathetic when I look at them at work? / Do You See What I See?
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Me? Featured?!

A photo I took of a rose, She Loves Me…, has just been featured in the Vibrant Plants group. / I really love this photo – it is one of the few that I feel I have gotten technically spot-on. I’m glad someone else likes it as well. / Mine is the one with the white background that looks out of place. : )
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The Most Important Things to Know About Photography

I’ve started writing some articles about beginning in photography for a friend who’s keen to get into it but doesn’t know where to start. Thought I’d call it “The Most Important Things to Know About Photography”. / First article is Focal length = Angle / Let me know what you think!
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