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Lots of New York Stuff

So hi everyone,
i finally got time to upload some images from new york, sorry to fill your watchlist overview with all thees images.
The Trip was awesome, New York is one of the coolest citys I know, and slowly i start to like my hasselblad. But i start to hate my scanner, the Epson v700, don´t get me wrong, its a awesome piece of hi-tech, but somtimes its more a piece of crap, because when i can kodak portra, i always get a greenish colourcast wich is almost impossible to correct, probaly i´m just to stupid to use the software properly, but i hate, hate, hate it when my stuff is not doing what it should be.
Otherwise the scanner is really fine, great resolution, good shadow detail and the price is very fair i paid 400€ wich is about 277Pounds or 576 Dollars, for Germany, its cheap.
What else is going on?
Oh yeah a typical situation, everyone who owns a camera knows it..
When i was in new york, a accident happend, there was a huge glass window dumped from the 30th floor on a skyscraper building site right in Manhattan, everyone was there, Police,Ambulance, and all over the ground was glass, a awesome mess, and i was right there after it happend.. but i diddn´t got a camera with me cause it was the museum day and diddn´t wanted to carry around all my stuff and not using it.. So i stood there and was fucking angry about not having anything to photograph it. At the same day, i bought a Holga 120N, wich i need for a project wich is comming soon, so i loaded it with film right at the store, but diddn´t got any other camera with me.
Right after leaving the store, there was a SWAT team standing in Front of a house.. and who only got the creepy-crappy Holga with him?
Correct.. Me!

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