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News from Alabama

On Wednesday, April 27th, a deadly outbreak of tornadoes stormed across the southeast, resulting with deaths in seven different states, including: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Alabama was hit the hardest, with a death toll of 255 as of Saturday. The death toll throughout the region stands at 356 individuals.

While several RedBubble members live in the areas impacted by last weeks Southeastern USA storms two of the are co-hosts with me on RedBubble. I wanted to share their communications about their experiences and current status.

dreamNwish (LaDundriette) co-hosts “Tone It Down”, her story;
Yes, I’m okay. Thanks!
I’m finally back online for the first time in five days.
The tornadoes didn’t damage my home, but damaged the towers for a lot of communications services.
I was w/o TV, house phone and cell phone for several hours the night of the storm, and during the early morning on the day after. I have been w/o internet access until a few minutes ago because of tower damage. We had a tornado to touch down just about a mile from my house, but it lifted up as it followed the Coosa River, thank God. I can’t recall how close Janice lives from the river, and I haven’t heard from her, either. Have you heard back from her?
Sorry that I wasn’t able to help with the group, but I know you understand.
My phone, internet and TV are all through Comcast, and when I finally got through tonight, I was told that while they’re still repairing over the next few weeks we may lose connections again in the process. My cell phone is through Verizon and I lost the connection twice tonight, and my phone makes weird noises at times when I’m talking. I couldn’t have called or sent a text message even if I had your number, but it didn’t dawn on me to try to call Janice when I had the chance, to see if she could get in touch with you in some way.
It’s been a wild past two weeks, but that God we’re okay.
Thanks for checking on me.

Hi, Larry.
I’m glad that Janice is okay. I was wondering if she would have been working that day. I’m glad you guys are in contact and that you can tell her I’m okay.
I have cousins near Huntsville who still have no utilities due to the storm. My cousin and her daughter took cover in a closet and are alright, and so is their home. Many of their neighbors did not fair as well. So many houses destroyed…lives lost.
There were places near the Birmingham area that I’ve been to that are no longer there. Just amazing how the entire state was affected in some way.

Take care.

ArtistJD (Janice Jaskins-Fry) co-hosts Night and Low Light with me, her story;
Larry – I have just gotten services this very minute!!! It has been terrible – many of my neighbors have lost everything! I’m okay – I was at work during the SIRENS and TAKE COVER moments servicing victims from ARAB, AL before it hit our area – We as employees were never – …given the option to “take cover” – in poor judgement I feel – but needless to say – I’m okay and so proud to be on the service end of the extreme tragedy – my new service…EMAIL: has just been set up…just minutes before I replied – WE HAVE SO MUCH DAMAGE in our area – class members at church – total loss / co-workers – total losses and deaths – I’ve never seen anything like this in my life – it looks like a war zone and nobody can enter in many of the areas – I haven’t taken pictures as it is too close and too painful!!! – I rely on news media – THE location in Gadsden that I work at was the only Walmart up and going – and in the middle of the storm – servicing neighboring counties and many were covered in blood and bandages – they came to us for help – water, clothes, food, safety – the storm turned the other direction and missed our Walmart location – the hail was golf-sized and the sky was TOXIC GREEN GRAY – I’ve “Never Seen This in My lifetime!” VERY SCARY – Thank you for caring and I will update you very soon in the next days – I have worked extra shift to assist and am on schedule all week – IRONICALLY – I signed off until JUNE and this happened – I just can’t believe we survived without harm when neighbors just 2 and 4 miles around us lost everything! You are the first person I’ve contacted! – TAKE CARE and I’LL BE CHECKING IN SOON – NOTE: I’ve lost many of my messages and such – going to check on my website – ….. hAVE you TALked to dreamNwish (LaDundriette)?? – Love & Beauty, Janice (ArtistJD)

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