Dreaming in The Mirror.

I felt all this before,
I’ve stood at this door,
Looking both ways,
Everything says I’m unsure.

The sun rolls over the hills,
My life continues under the stars,
The clouds hover by,
Maybe I was wrong to go this way.

I know that I’ve got to choose,
And I know I’m not the only one,
But this doorway seems too narrow,
I can’t just let go.

If I choose to step through,
Could I go back,
Could I see myself in the Mirror,
The same person I saw before dawn.

The best thing is that I could move forward,
I know I feel myself holding my breath,
Because soon I’ll go tumbling,
To see which reflection I’ll look to.

It’s impossible to find a future,
Something that I’ve always intended,
I always thought I was stronger,
To leap and deal with it.

But I hold my breath,
In that doorway,
Looking back and forward,
One more night, One more day…

I have to choose to fall back, or leap forward,
I see both ends have those people I love,
Will I be caught by someone I know if I fall back,
Can I be helped forward if I leap.

All I need…
I can’t be found lying in death,
I can’t just wait to find my angel wings,
I can’t deny I have to decide soon.

Observe around me,
The crisp, dark wood frame with no walls,
The small step I stand in the middle of,
Above a cloudy abyss.

The air is crisp and clean, scything through my lungs,
Lost and undecided,
I watch the sun roll across the sky,
The moon rising indifferently above the darkness.

Nearly out of sight,
The mirror of my dreamscape stands at either end,
My loved ones alongside,
Beckoning for me.

I have to choose,
But to hurt someone would kill me,
So dysfunctional, I will decide,
I will hold the chains in my hands and centre my world.

I will pull my lives together even if it kills me,
To belong together is a fate suited for me,
Staying in my dreamscape between my mirrors,
I will hold, not to wait, but to live.

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