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896 short

it is all about the views
I love numbers
I am looking for 50 000
not concerned about the sales
just excites me to know that
I need 896
to get to 50 000
cos to me thats a lot
for years it was only the kids
they all say you are fabulous
I know I am fabulous
show me the numbers
cos that is what excites


I am blessed
40 000 views
it is my hope
that we always
b inspired
by each others
expresive souls
blessings to the bubbler
may peace be with you
all always

Balcony conversations 1

Son says " Mummy, why can’t I fly?"
" no wings" she replies.…

Mummy says " close your eyes"
“it doesn’t work like that” he replies
" yes it does" says she

Son says “my imagination died long ago with my inner child”

Mummy says “does that mean, virginity”
“No” says he

Mummy says “what killed your innerchild then”
“the word RANGA” says he

he is reflecting now on the balcony, telling me this story about how the teacher said there was no wittness, so you can’t prove.

“fucken wankers” says he
“oh bitch” says he
as he inspects the kitchen cupboards which he is currently cleaning
Mummy says “I only had to ask you twice”

mummy giggles

“what you write” says he

he now stares over my shoulder
gives mummy a smack in the head
it is playful
“I feel like pasta salad” says he

then heads back to the kitchen


Tommorrows Menu

Chinese red dates stuffed with cream cheese and cumin
Gaspatchio Cucumber soup served cold
Spinach and Cheese tarts
White salad with balsamatic vinagerette
Jerusalem Artichoke and spinach tossed with bio organic yoghurt
Mushroom and russian garlic risotto served with lemon and butter
Savory bread and butter pudding with ham bacon tomato onions and lots of eggs
Garim Marsala nuts and seeds
Pumpkin tarts
Peanut butter and chilli cookies

Free to all bubblers @ the Mill in Elands NSW

Home made I scream this weekend@ellenboughfalls kiosk

Steak Stout and Pea Pies
served with creamy local mash.

Basil and Bacon Sausage Rolls

Tomato Leek and Marrook Farm Bio Organic Cheese

Fried Matured Cheese Scones served with Cherry Tomato and Passion Fruit Jam and topped with your choice of Marrook Yoghurt or Chantilly Cream

Angelica and Rhubarb Tarts served with Organic vanilla bean I Scream or Chantilly Cream

Lemon Coconut Syrup Muffins served with Yoghurt or Cream or I scream

Stone fruits poached in Champagne,and lavender served with I scream this one is done

Blessings and see you there
and it is FREE

Must away to cook now

My son

three times now
are you going to tuck me in
mum come tuck me in
he wants dinasaur
a song
I typing
he is coming
must go

he is 15

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