Is the canon 100mm macro L lens worth buying??

Hello all, I just wanted to show you some test shots with this amazing lens and say whether its worth buying or right for you.

As you can see it keeps the water droplets sharp when on a surface with one and surface’s with many colors. also its image stabilizer and quick auto focus make it good for a beginner and someone looking for top end macro quality.

this image really shows that when stopped down to F2.8 its depth of field is limited to about 5 cm from the point of focus, sometimes less, this means it can be used for great bokeh in day time and night time shots.

For this image you can see a very shallow depth of field, probably only 2 cm but it keeps that small area sharp while producing good bokeh in the background.

Here you can see that the color intensity is very dramatic thanks to the lens, and before you say its the camera its not as i tried to replicate such colour with the kit lens and it was no where near as intense.

again you can see that this lens produces great bokeh and has a small area of focus that can be changed if stopped up. but if you are thinking of stopping down the there would be no point in buying this lens as its main property other than macro is its maximum aperture of F2.8

so in short it depends what you want but if you want an amazing lens with a nice high F rating and can maintain or enhance image quality then this is the lens for you. but if you do mainly street photography or portraits, unless you want a challenge, then this isn’t the lens you are looking for.
and finally if you have just upgraded to a DSLR from a digital camera and think: “Oh I used macro on my digital camera” * DO NOT BUY THIS LENS* its for those who are bored of wide angle telephoto or kit lenses and feel they are ready for more of a challenge for new DSLR owners it would be a waste to buy it at this point.
so in conclusion buy it if you have mastered your camera are a pro photographer or are looking to take photography to the next level

**update: i have finally brought this lens myself, almost 3 years after i borrowed it and it is still incredible, something that i would like to add is that the IS in video mode is incredible handheld, and really smooths the minor shakes when shooting hand held.

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