From My Heart To Yours, Trena!

It is with a heart full of gratitude and love that I thank TRENA for
her kindness in posting a journal recognizing my hosting
and works here on RB. Little did she know at the time, but
I have been very sick with HIVES. My dreary days have been
turned into sunshine by Trena’s special blessing for me today.

I have been on RB since 2008 and it continues to be my goal
to encourage and support the photographers and painters from
around the world. Of course, I also hope each one knows they are
greatly loved by God and His Son, Jesus!

God Bless You My Dear Friend, Trena!

Let’s keep this kindness flowing around RB by posting your own
journal to encourage another person’s work!

For Today My Tribute Goes To Trena! Please check out her
portfolio and enjoy her excellent creativity!

Attention Redbubble Writers!

Hello everyone,

I’m extending an invitation to the writers of Redbubble who
would like to share their poetry and writings about their
faith in the Lord. For The Love of Jesus is now open and all writings will be moderated.

Please keep your writings to no more than 500 words and make sure
they are encouraging and supportive of the Christian faith.