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TUTORIAL: Buttons, Links and Image Previews

I’ve recently been asked to help someone with a tutorial on using image product previews on your profile in a smaller size, and how to make and use buttons in your profile, and to be able to make the image product previews smaller. / To that end, this is a tutorial that explains how to make buttons using online button generators, and how to make them show in your profile, and then how to li…
Posted almost 5 years – 7 comments

Editing Images without Buying Software

Often enough I find people asking for editing help that can’t afford or don’t want to download editing tools – not even free ones, for their own reasons. / I’ve spent some time checking out the online tools selection (Jo posted a listing of ten of these tools a while back). I didn’t use most of them, but looked them over, grabbed a screenshot and linked them all on a…
Posted almost 5 years – 5 comments

Based on Martin Kirkwood's "Stark Raving Bonkers" Journal

Earlier this month Martin Kirkwood responded to a suggestion from funkyfacestudio to paint blindfolded, and posted his results in his journal (titled Stark Raving Bonkers ) / I was inspired by his willingness to step up to the challenge, and found myself thinking “why not”. / Since I’m a photographer, not a painter, I figured I couldn’t do any worse blindfolded than I coul…
Posted about 5 years – 15 comments

Tutorial: Replacing a Sky in PS Elements (7)

This quick tutorial for beginners was based on a request from CJ Hummel – she was looking for a way to tanslate the positions and names of the tools from my regular tutorials for use in PS Elements. / Sometime in the next week or so I’ll post a page with the PSE tools and the corresponding names/places of the PSCS tools. / For now, I’ve written a quick tutorial for beginners tha…
Posted over 5 years – 1 comments

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