Evolution, page 14-15 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything by Sarah Curtiss

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Evolution, page 14-15 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything by 

The sixth image in the book Everything IS, a visual and intellectual theory of everything.

I first ambled down this mental trail while thinking about Evolution. Evolution at the level of multi-celled creatures seems very obvious. A zebra looks too much like a horse; we look too much like other primates; dinosaurs look too much like reptiles, etc. for me to doubt it.

However on the microscopic level, that moment when life was created from the primordial stew of non-living molecules…how did that happen? One minute there were non-living molecules floating around, the next minute they grouped into one-celled living creatures? How?

How did these one-celled creatures turn into multi-celled, sentient me? What is the mechanism? At one time there were only one-celled creatures, which bonded together to form multi-celled creatures, which began to act as one creature, which eventually emerged a consciousness. How does that work? What law of nature made that consciousness happen? The Weak Nuclear Force? The Strong Nuclear Force? Gravity? Electromagnetism? The Laws of Thermodynamics?

Maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Just like in a murder mystery, maybe we need to look for motive. Maybe WHY they grouped is more relevant to Everything than HOW they grouped.

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  • James Lewis Hamilton
    James Lewis Ha...about 4 years ago

    Sarah, I love all the mental meanderings and the lovely matching image. I’ve always found that it’s the questions and wonderings that have led me into… Well the ‘wonder of it all’!!!

  • wigget
    wiggetabout 4 years ago

    Love the colors…the thoughts are..thought provoking…

  • Thank you! Take a look at for my complete theories. They may be even more provoking, er thought provoking that is.

    – Sarah Curtiss

  • Philosophy Lee
    Philosophy Leealmost 4 years ago

    Here’s my take on IT…
    We/Nothing/Consciousness willed
    ourselves/Life/w.I.i. (whatever IT is) into existence.
    Motive : to better enjoy Life/Love.

    Very nice to make the acquaintance Sarah.

    oh, and I also believe ‘WE’ (Life on Earth) emerged from Consciousness,
    rather than the other way ’round.
    All good, fun stuff to think and talk about… imo.
    I very much enjoy reading you, but you exhaust me! ;D

  • I totally agree. I think the Everything is a big ball of consciousness which manifests differently for different entities. I guess I am kind of exhausting!

    – Sarah Curtiss

  • Philosophy Lee
    Philosophy Leealmost 4 years ago

    hehe… please take that (you’re exhausting)
    as the compliment it was intended to be.

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