Sarah Curtiss

Sarah Curtiss

San Francisco, United States

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I have several new themes:

Bay Area Backsides

Odds ’n Ends

Carmen the Chicken Killer

Everything IS…a visual and intellectual theory of everything

Please check them out and let me know what you think.

I draw with every drawing tool available. Pencil is probably my favorite, unless I happen upon a new pen that glides across my current paper, or I find a marker in a particular shade or my paints are sitting out waiting for action or the clay feels just perfect that day or ….

Please check www. for art and books created by me or William Solis. Links to other artists’ sites, a Gallery Store and links to upcoming events are also posted here.

Grace Art Group

Grace Art contains greeting cards with greetings (or mini fantasies as the case may be) printed inside the cards.

Greeting Cards for the odd, optimistic, opinionated and ornery

My Favorites are very important to me. I link them to my website as my own personal museum which I visit constantly. Thank you to all artists out there who share their work so that we can all have personal virtual museums.

  • Joined: June 2009