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The Fear of Hunger

Let me just say that I have had hard times. Well, I thought I had, but now I am having to re-evaluate what hard times really are. I will have to give back my platinum membership card because I just ran into a real live scenario that put mine to shame. I work at an elementary school with tomorrows adults. Right now, they are still children, that are eager, youthful, innocent, and hungry. / Every…
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Maybe if I learned to read the signs, I would close the book of Imagination / racing through my brain like a dizzy rain that entertains me,

How Evil Works

life tugs of war with death, and suddenly the tournament is one of brevity, / revolving thoughts turn to revolvers

Saying Goodbye

As the rain falls and I long to fall into your arms / that our miles and mindsets away / I wonder how I will start this journey of goodbye…

Longings that Linger

How can I almost forget you? / Your lips I feel like fingers opening my mouth, plunging in / peppermint or spearimint / experimenting / sp…


Call Jesus for me and tell Him / where it hurts, a place I can’t see, / tell Him I believe, but ask him does he still believe in me?


…is it that I am only eager for confetti lips and rhetoric?

Love Find Me

If that startles you that my gifts are not the external wonderment you seek / Then please be brief with me and your speech that would tangl…

Eyes Of Hot Chocolate

Eyes like faucets pouring / hot chocolate puddles, calmed to pools of warm, / locks that tangle and jangle / black onyx dangles / your sm…

Just Politics

Worked to preserve the land of the free and yet I am emboldened to speak of the rape of my self and the others , my brothers, sisters and o…


wise enough to notice, your eyes on another Lotus, / her eyes the color of Mexican seas and legs miles tall / how I wish you would look at …

Land of Cotton

Jims crow and Lynch Still love to mob, every now and then, / maybe over Long island tea’s and Starbucks coffee’s made in Columb…

Stealing Happy

No more passive anthems / No more handsome loneliness / No more affections for feelings that melt me / into insecurities / bury that old n…
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