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A boring 9-5 job keeps me away from the love of photography for most of the time but weekends and holidays are a chance to learn my new found hobby

I did have the hobby of photography years ago but sold off the equipment for various reasons. After studies at college and marathon running as a hobby – I took up photography again about a year ago and just tried to capture the essence of Japan while I was there on holiday. I am an amateur photographer that loves to freeze that moment in time. Not really knowing enough about controlling exposure of a shot and having to edit to redeem the shot.

I enjoyed trying to capture street photography in Japan and more recently just photographing landmarks in London. In the last couple of months my weekend hobby has been flower photography and bees in flight.. A very steep learning curve.

I still find that I choose the wrong aperture or the wrong setting and lose the goal that I want out of a photo – practise makes perfect. With a bit of editing my photos are presentable enough to go on here.

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Japan and its people

Japan is a small country of millions of people – I know stating the obvious – well I have never written a journal in my life till now. / Where there is the country there follows the people in it – maybe obvious again. / But wait – / in 2010 the world is a different place in the last ten years – financially, politically, / and the boring factor of global warming (or …
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