Interested in anime or manga?

I have some! Tha I want to sell. :D They are all in pretty good condition, and I want to sell them.
Here are the manga I have for sale:

Naruto (a very popular manga/anime) : Volume 10, 11 and 12
Skip Beat: Volume 1,3,4,5 and 6
Alichino: Volume 1,2, and 3
Negima: Volume 1-3 (in a large one volume)
Bleach (another very popular manga/anime) : volume 13 and 14
XXXHolic: volume 1-3 (in a large one volume) and volume 4

I also have yaoi (that is older/adult material manga):

Vanilla: volume 1
Lost Boys
Love Bus Stop
La Esparanza
Ka Shin Fu

I also have anime on DVD.
I have Loveless 3 and the Fullmetal Alchemist movie.

I also have plushies:
1 Zetsu
1 Itachi (missing headband)

Would make any anime fan happy.:D I’m asking $3 bucks per item. (Good price,
each manga is about $8 originally, each yaoi about $13, and each plushie around

If interested email me: kimmykat91@yahoo. com


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