While I haven’t updated anything new in ages, I’m still a nerd and I still love to draw and can’t wait to update with all the New things I’ve done. I can’t thank anyone who’s purchased a shirt or sticker or anything enough. You guys are just amazing so thank you all. ❤

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What's up Redbubble?

I could have SWORN I was at $20 by now! Have you changed the date you send the money to paypal? I’m confused and sad, Redbubble. Help me. :(
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Major Gleeks abound!

I just can’t thank everyone who has purchased a Major Gleek shirt enough. Really, thank you time 1 million. :)
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James Cameron's Avatar Rant

I’m tired of this! How many people saw Avatar? How many people saw it and LOVED it? I am one of those people. I proudly love it, hugging onto my tee shirt, poster and action figure I will be one of the first people to defend it. But I am tired of all these people digging into it like it’s something more then a movie! I am tired of popping onto the yahoo homepage and seeing another art…
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Thanks to the Major Gleeks out there, I am at my second $100 mark! So thank you to all that have bought my tees’ you are the best! :D
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