Group Needs Members !!

Hi everyone !

Myself and Trudi~ have started a new group called All Soft and Cuddlies, it is for all those images that we get that make us go Awwww !! a family friendly G rated site intended for all to enjoy

We would love it if you are interested that you come join the group, xo t

To Join Click Here

Away Again

Hi RB buddies, sorry I haven’t been doing much lately but we have been getting another ship ready to go to sea and that has involved some long and tedious hours. Now we are off to float around the brin-y for a week or so (with no internet access) and I will be out of the scene till we get back.

Will do my best to catchup on my return, looking forward to seeing a heap of great stuff from you lot so keep up the good work……………Andrew

Turks Turban (Orange Gourds)


Well I’ve done some looking and for those that may have been curious these are a type of gourd call Turks Turban. Mostly grown as an ornamental feature but are edible.

So there you go……

Hey Double Feature.

Hi guys, knocked of work today and jumped on to RB to be stunned.

Castle Magic and New Zealand Made have each featured a piece of my work. I am just really blown away.

Thanks to all those that have kept me going and to the groups for supporting all of us on RB by featuring or works….I am very honoured and humbled….

Big Thanks To The Mystery Buyer

Thanks very much to whomever purchased “Tranquility”. I have been busy trying to catch up after being away and have only just noticed the sales notification! l am very grateful and it really came at the right time……….