Wight Wonder. by Goldenspirit


Love is won. / Love is lost. / An eternal fight. / To the last. / Lifes circles. / Never ending. / Wondrous journey. / Enjoy each step trod…
Glimmer of Hope. by Goldenspirit

See Saw

The swinging see saw of life. / Can make peace can cause strife. / The fight of good versus evil. / Butterfly or nasty weevil. / Each has i…

Moon Light

Moon light danced in your eyes. / Reflecting your soul onto my heart. / Warming sweet sinews there for you. / As we melted as one. / Eterni…


Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives./Not to repeat mistakes of yesterday./Moments of illuminated gold we seek.
Wrapped up in Love by Goldenspirit

Forever Young.

Forever young we would love to stay. / As the clock go’s round walking our way. / What makes us tick we do not know. / Who we like fr…

Miss Fate

Encompass our love. / In sweet sticky eroticism./ Touch me with your thorns. / Let my blood run.
Siren by Goldenspirit Passion Ignited by Goldenspirit Distortion of Money. by Goldenspirit


How do’s the moon fare with the pain she carries in her soul. / As nature confines her to this never ending lustful roll. / Of her re…
Autumn Blinded by Goldenspirit


Love is all overpowering and invasive. / It should be highly contagious.


Dance with me my princess. / In golden places, white ribbons strewn. / As i take you to a place of carnal desire. / Where temptation steal…
Rainbow by Goldenspirit


Show me tell me, where is she. / Whereabouts does she wander. / In fields so green. / Among trees so serene. / Or sailing on oceans yonder…

Tale of the Sea

Help me for i am very nearly lost. / I know not where i’m being tossed. / Like a churning bottle in the sea. / The world has been so…


If love makes the world go round. / Do’s it slow in times of war. / Or indeed stop in the Great World war. / Thats why so many lives …


When hope shines brightly from an unexpected light. / Then all bow and welcome with open beckoning arms. / As the warmth bathes you in its …
Love Glows by Goldenspirit Thats Better by Goldenspirit Busy.Busy Bumble Bee. by Goldenspirit

Lost Souls

To me perfection was dealt unto you. / This cherished gift obtained by so few. / You crashed in my life and sent my head spinning. / Now on…
All Pins by Goldenspirit

All is Gone

Beauty sparkles and enters our hearts. / A simple vision and then fire starts. / Ignited we rise to a much higher place. / A lover a flower…
Golden Brown by Goldenspirit Thats Better by Goldenspirit Butterfly Lost by Goldenspirit


Come join me at my table. / The feast is indeed succulent. / The finest fruit laid bare. / To be indulged in full. / I will play your taste…
Honey Pink by Goldenspirit

I Love You.

Save it for a rainy day. Why.? / Save that for best.Why.? / I will tell them i love them one day. / Do them all today. / For sometimes in l…
red glow by Goldenspirit Bloom by Goldenspirit The Snow Tree by Goldenspirit Eye eye by Goldenspirit


Do’s destiny (fate) pull stronger than you can resist. / What power drives the existence of prophecy. / In whose hand is held the /

I,m not in Yours.

Your there in my dreams. / But i,m not in yours. / Your there in my feelings . / But i,m not in yours. / Your there in my heart. / But i,m…

Blood Quest

Dripped with blood from the vampires lust. safety of the soft caressing kiss of dawn. Blood quenched thirst was satisfied. gift of natu…

Kings and Queens

King or queen this is what you made me. / The power of your presence, this is what it gave me. / To be beside you just one more night. / Co…
Escape from the Reef. by Goldenspirit Tangerine Glow by Goldenspirit Redbubbles. by Goldenspirit The Tower by Goldenspirit

Beauty Lies Within.

Your eyes gave. / I received their gifts. / Gleefully.

Battle Ground.

Love conquers all.? / My heart must be strong. / I would gladly restrain it. / Achilles heel it surely has. / Cupid you are lost.
Cherry Pink by Goldenspirit

Morning call

The worst pain of the heart is the prod at dawn. / That takes you to hell where there is no sleep.
Whales after Dawn. by Goldenspirit Last of the Summer Vine by Goldenspirit


When in the depths of hell. / There is always a foothold. / To start the long climb. / Back to sanity and light.

Angel of No Mercy.

She carried destruction high, riding on her shoulder./ Twisted and knarled with echoes of darkness.

Traffic Lights

Crossroads, traffic lights, roundabouts forks in the road. / All these tricky things are thrown at us to burden our load. / Uphill struggle…
Magnifico by Goldenspirit Sunset Between the Trees by Goldenspirit

Simple Life

Fish swimming dancing gliding in crystal water. / Is your life idylic or not quite what it oughta. / Living liquid babbling i hear your sou…
Early Start. by Goldenspirit Tangled Prickly Web of Life by Goldenspirit I've got a Lovely Bunch of Nanas by Goldenspirit Junior. by Goldenspirit Parrot Toy by Goldenspirit

Wake Up Call

No more countries. / Taboo patriotism. / No more religion. / For all life is worship. / Evolution fact. / Banish all false gods. / Love thy…

Tick Tock

Love is all around. / Just reach out and touch. / As love makes the world go round. / A true constant. / That time waits for no man. / Each…
Winter Fun. by Goldenspirit

Topsy turvy

Ti odes tno amttre hwo ouy pllse, osc hte orwds i rewti uoy llsti nca etll. / So ndot orryw fi ouy issm tou a ettler, fi uyo ntod tpu ti ni…
Ripple of Purple by Goldenspirit


The cycle of life. / Hope its a tandem…………..!!!

Rainbows End.

You fuck with my heart you fuck with my mind. / Maybe just a sweet bitch being unkind. / You cut to the quick you’re holding the knif…
Forever Purple by Goldenspirit


Its all in the time. / To give is to cherish. / To withdraw tells all. / As interests dwindle. / And time consumes. / Other paths to walk.


A candle that burns. / For true loves tenderness. / Glows on my window cill. / A moth will surely visit. / To be captivated. / By the brigh…

A to Zee of Me and Ye

A for amour i feel for you. / B for the boy you make me feel. / C for cherish i want to do. / D for devour you want me to. / E for ecstasy …
Destruction of Time by Goldenspirit Wishing. by Goldenspirit All Mine said Mr Fly. by Goldenspirit Circles of Love by Goldenspirit

Love can.

You can fall twenty feet and die. / But love can drop you from the highest mountain. / To a bottomless pit. / But only leaves you writhing …
Peace Reigns. by Goldenspirit


A love so sweet came my way. / As i was walking the other day. / She smiled at me and i heard her say. / Come with me walk my way. / My pat…
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