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Newport, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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Miss you Miss Miss is a funny word. / Often said often heard. / I only miss you miss when your not there. / So come to me miss, its only fair. / Stay an… Petals. Lost passion. / Lost love. / Red petals as warm as the blood in my heart. / To sing such a sweet melody once again. Your Beauty Poised on the brink. / Tiptoeing softly / To dip your toe. / Will we wont we / Can we make it / Time and space. / Can it take it. / You tea… Blue Moon by Goldenspirit The softness of Blue by Goldenspirit Downpour Rain rain and still more rain. / Dishing out so much wet pain. / As floods rage in fields of green. / The sky to earth is being mean. / In … Sentinels in Blue by Goldenspirit Spread the Word Who is the enemy. / We all are by our very being. / Destroy pollute and obliterate. / A trait in every man. / Don’t love yourself. / … Under the Oak Beware of the person that cries in the rain./ Only to be broken by Armageddon macaw 8 weeks by Goldenspirit Lost Love. by Goldenspirit Broken. If you so dare. / Your heart to bare. / Open to all. / Beware the fall. / Daggers are thrust. / For in life’s cruelty trust. / Morta… The Beast To all that think they catch a glimpse of the movement of the monster. / That flickering shadow that is not there when you turn to look. / … R.I.P Is it drink that turns people into thieves. / Or should we forgive. / As temptation has stolen there morals. / With dignity we hold our hea… The Vampire. The wolves will feed and consume all. /With fangs that enter painlessly. Turn It On It takes one to play the music. / But it takes two to tango. The Hourglass Lost in time. / Without any rhyme. / Life has no reason. / Not even a season. / As you get old. / Striving for gold. / Shinning like a star… Lover Red hot lover. / Dam that friction……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sex Sex and More Sex Two lovers touch, caress face to face./ Often many times can this sweetly be heard./ Sex fitting so perfect in this kind of race. Welcome Junior by Goldenspirit Shapeshifter. by Goldenspirit Blue Wonder by Goldenspirit New Dawn Awake the fresh new dawn. / The rising sun brings forth hope. / She shines from across the sea. / The promise of warmth to bestow. / I humb… Oh Blue One. by Goldenspirit Cruelty. “Man” That has done so wrong to the world. / Did a god give us women for the ultimate punishment. / Then an unjust god we may … Contentment by Goldenspirit Ferryman Apologies and ashamed thats what you said. / Words that echoed joyfully accepted in my head. / I gave you chance to heal my wounds. / … Hiding in the Grass by Goldenspirit Treasure. Love lies snug in a good heart. / It lays safe and warm. / A treasure to feel. / A treasure to give. / Warms the soul. / And drives the sp… Macaw 4 Weeks by Goldenspirit Oh Sweet Poppy by Goldenspirit Stolen Heart. Would i sell my soul to him for the gift of the she devil. / A hundred times over. As such joy can be savored. / For i could serve her the … Reb,earth. Are we lost in space. / Or conveniently packaged. / Shelved. / Filed. / To be taken down later. / Dusted of. / Clean sheet. / Reseeded. / … Beach Babe. One day i know i’ll hold your hand. / To walk along the golden sand. / Each reflecting ripple upon the sea. / Is one kiss i will give… Simplicity. No more countries. / Taboo patriotism. / An end to all wars. / One world only. / Is it that simple. / Change minds. / To care for our citiz… Lost at Sea. Swimming hard its sink or swim out here. / Strong current,swirling chop and rip tide. / Dark clouds rain a coming to. / No life jacket stor… Butterfly You smelt so enticingly sweet./ I dared. I kissed. / I knew it would be sweet./Oh take me there. / For that one dared kiss. / Took me to … Cheers Enjoy. by Goldenspirit My List of 100 Things To Do Before Lights Out. 1 ) To write something worthwhile. / 2 ) To go and… Almond Nipple by Goldenspirit Broken I am but a broken toy. / Discarded in the box of playthings. / A thing of beauty that used to be. / Beyond repair. Nature Plant the seeds of friendship carefully. / Nurture them gently. / Love will blossom. / In all its slendour. / Natures sweet flower. Red Boy by Goldenspirit Fools Gold. I believed in the rainbows gold. / But now know its all make believe. / For lost to the touch forever. / As others chase also in vain. / Th… Love Lies. Love lies bleeding on the floor. / Deeply wounded for evermore. / For when i looked into her eye. / I knew my heart just had to die. / Som… Tigger Pink by Goldenspirit Fragile One by Goldenspirit Jungle Life by Goldenspirit Feed Me A thousand wise words are empty if they fall on deaf ears./ Open your hearts and minds and sup all life has to offer I Am Your Thunder. You thrill me so with your bountiful smile. / Sensuously holding hands we mingle awhile. / Love flows in the knowing we put it there togeth… The Fly by Goldenspirit Honey Trap Your sweetness oozed out all sticky from your heart. / Like warm pine sap the color of golden honey. / You caught me in your hold like a st… The Vampires To all my friends that come out at night. / Lets chase the humans and give them fright. / Drink there blood till they are dry. / Come my fr… Final Act. Forever alone we walk in this soulless world. / For seeking perfection is a tireless task. / As never do’s it fall so simply to our g… Lovers. I know exactly what we are looking for. / Its in our destiny our dreams of course. / So what is that.? / You may well ask friend. / I belie… Layers If the world is juuuuuust a great big onion. / No wonder we all cry so much…….!!!!! Gifted. Life itself is a wonderful delightful surprise. / Another day another way hope in our eyes. / We guess what wonders may come along. / Be ha… Blade Walking this knife edge. / Balanced poised. / Awaiting the blade. / Its sharpness to cut. / Or its dullness to save. / Which way will she … Alien Attack by Goldenspirit Flower of Love. by Goldenspirit Thrones. I walked a million moons looking for my Queen. / She is found sitting on her throne be it uncomfortable. / But thrones are but trivial supe… Straight Road. Do not deviate from your goal. / Make a straight clear path. / Your progress will be swift. / Destination reached unscathed. / Delay and yo… Pain of love. Love and pain are two rivers that can flow together so easily. / Sweeping you into the rapids. / What will be left at the end. / As whirlpo… Hold My Hand Said the Knarly Tree by Goldenspirit Lovers Lost A prisoner in my caged world i be. / Alone here i stop and slowly sip my tea. / My lover in another dimension. / She feels the same stress … Suspicion by Goldenspirit Here Beats my Heart of Gold by Goldenspirit Lovers Prayer Follow your aching weary heart. / It will lead you to the edge of the cliff. / Standing there you feel the storm lift you of your feet. / … Junior 2 week by Goldenspirit Laws. The law of the jungle. / Thou shalt not cut any more trees down. / If only life was that simple. Princess. Such sweet dreams you plant in my head. / If you were a color you’re sure to be red. / The sweetest rose with a hue so deep. / A frag… Butterfly Wings Coming to me from the tree of the owl. / You softly sang melodic lullabies. / That tugged on the strings of my heart. / Your love showered … Alone Only the lonely….Understand.!!! Drive to Purple by Goldenspirit Doubt. To question is to doubt which can lead to fear. / So i doubt you need to fear. / But should you fear the doubt. Stars. So high in the heavens the stars do shine. / Perceived you may think to be so high. / Unobtainable heavenly objects perhaps. / But thatR… Chances. Chances are taken.Chances are given. / For people to make when they wanna start livin. / The future is there if your willing to walk. / It … Nuts by Goldenspirit Smile. How.? by Goldenspirit Orchids. One of the most beautiful things on the planet. / Just a parasite. / Yet they are prized and treasured. / So always look to the beauty. / A…
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