You can tell a great deal about the person from the pictures they take! My subject matter depends on my mood. You can never go wrong with nature as it is perfect just as it is, you never really have to change the lighting either. Color and composition are my focus, whether muted or bright colors, depends on the mood I want to create with the image. Architecture and machinery make cool subject matter as well……..

Most of my work is shot with my Canon G7 and my Canon 60D

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Christmas card (Thank You)!

Well I had a great response for my Christmas cards…..unbelievable! / I know the quality is excellent here in the “redbubble” as I have made some purchases of my own. / I appreciate the interest in my work and find it extremely flattering to know some one out there enjoys it too……… Thank You so much……..Tracey
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Behind these hazel eyes (purchase)

Hello: / I truly hope you enjoy your framed print of “Behind these Hazel eyes”. / He is a beautiful Deer who wanders the park here in Cambridge. I had a great day / out taking my photo’s. Your Piece was taken January 1st 2008…….. / Happy New Year!……and Thank you so much………Tracey
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WOW .. sale #2 Thankyou!!

This is getting fun… so much positive reviews in such a short time… Thank you.
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Thankyou for your purchase!!!!!!

Thank you for purchasing the “Grapes” card. It makes me happy to know you enjoy my work, I hope you enjoy it….Tracey
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