Rescued from an illegal child labor factory in South Korea, Jazon Druami (his Korean name) was adopted and raised by a nice family in Bosnia before migrating to Australia. He quickly learned the fine art of “duck spearing” and become a national sensation in his adopted land of Adelaide. After obtaining fortune in the iron ore industry boom of 94, Jazon Druami (his Korean name) quickly widdled away his millions by investing in a variety of unsuccessfully toy ideas including the now infamous “spaghetti flavoured glue” he currently resides in Happy Valley with his many gum ball machines, a Russian bride Susov and a free Tibetan dog refugee Isaac…

Whilst immigrating into Australia, Jamie delved into educational outlets including Hamilton (Ham-Mil-Ton correct pronunciation) where his nous for nail science was soon noted by his professors. It was when Jamie discovered in his “Venus on top” literature, his studies were leading him to a female dominated industry he stripped off the acrylics and jumped on the quantum physics bandwagon. Famous for his “Black is the new white hole” theses Jamie lead the charge in discovering numerous indivisible energies.

  • Joined: January 2009

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