I enjoy photography and art in general. I like to spend my days drawing, painting, hanging out on the nets and jamming out to music.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from the music I listen to, so I could say music pays a good part in my work and life.

Hope you enjoy my page.

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I need to get more active on this site…head desk I’ve been so busy with my novel(s) lately though. ^^; And not to mention Crisis Core just came out! xD
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So, I have the house to myself this weekend. (Well, close enough. My sister will be here, but she’ll be off with her boyfriend I’m sure.) I plan on taking some macabre photos and getting very messy with India ink and other paints. All I need to do is get off my lazy bum and clean out the closet so I have a nice dark space to take said photos in. / I’ve been writing a lot lately,…
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Love, Sex, & Money

My journal entries are named after the song I’m listening to at the time. / Anyhow, I’m fairly new to this site and yet to sell any products or have a large number of comments. I wonder what I can do to get my stuff out there more. / Maybe it just takes time…
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