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I honestly believe that I was born for art, other than that there’s not much else I can say….

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Coming back into Grahamstown, I feel that familiar lull in the lack of inspiration in my general living; perhaps it is because of moving around alot this past month or two, exams, rowing, getting back and flicking the switch on varsity again all take a certain amount of time getting used to again. / In any case, its really good to be back and I look forward to seeing what this semester has in sto…
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A wake of Psyche falling through Red Twilight / As serrations would through warm wax. / Beneath its perplexed feet, liquid asphalt rolls in the singing heat. / Group form spliced with ozone and plasticity; / Their turmoil blurred between concept and density.
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RandomRantings - Writing Exercise #05

I dream about things that cannot be of mankind’s imagination. There is something in my brain that pulls me toward a nether entity that exists outside of this universe’s understanding, something that defies all laws laid down by the great one those many many ages ago. It taunts me, whispers in my ear promises that will most surely be unfulfilled. I awake to a deep and burning sweat after those dre…
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Something in a Desert

So as you stand there on the red, naked sand, / The jackal is heard howling behind the dune on which we stand. / I question the motives that drove me toward you, / The remaining prisms of our life all together too few. / I chance a glance at your darkening eyes, your blackening hair / Truly an angel in the midst of a deep despair? Your beauty rendered in near perfect form, / against a backdrop of…
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