There’s something fun about a design that two or three out of every hundred people will recognize; if it’s esoteric, people are more likely to get excited when they recognize it. Many of my designs involve science fiction or San Francisco themes that won’t be immediately obvious to people not familiar with those domains.

In our increasingly brand-driven visual landscape, designs that subvert familiar visual brands are one way to fight homogenization and corporatization.

Typography, the invisible art, plays a big role in my work too. A design can’t riff on a familiar brand or reference an esoteric look without first matching the right typeface.

All my designs are made on the computer. Some were made with Inkscape, Gimp and Fontforge, and others, like The Periodic Table of the Europeans, were generated by custom computer programs in the Python programming language.

My website, where you can find my other artistic endeavors, is, including The Mathematician’s Dice.

All that aside, my designs should speak for themselves, so go ahead and check them out!

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