Brunswick West, Australia

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I NO LONGER SELL PUBLICALLY HERE, BUT: I still do buy redbubble merchandise to sell myself. It’s all available at my storenvy

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Moving my business to storenvy

I’ll still be buying redbubble merchandise with my art on it to sell, but it helps me save time having all my sellables in the one place. Check it out / Thanks guys! Everything but one picture is now private. I’m keeping it there cos the folks here liked it enough to feature it on the official redbubble account page (<3)
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Hi thar! Long time no see.

I haven’t really used this place much, since I supply and sell my own fine art prints now. But I’ve wanted to get back into making stickers, cards and t-shirts so I’ve purged my gallery of all but one print – which is featured on the redbubble official userpage! – so I can keep my gallery relevant to the stuff I intend to sell in the future. / Hopefully you’ll …
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