Jennifer Rhoades

Jennifer Rhoades

Holly Springs, United States

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I am mostly known as Spoken in Red—a former ballet dancer who has turned to the camera as a creative outlet now that my ballet career is over.

My work is mainly portraiture and conceptual art work comprised of mood, mystery, emotion, and certainly a hint of story. I have been published locally and internationally in Au Courant, Pink Panther Magazine, and, most recently, a spread in Gothesque Magazine. I was also nominated for photographer of the year in 2012 for RAW Artists in North Carolina.

You can find more of my work on the following sites:
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Just grousing....

I know it’s pretty much passe at this point to say so but…man, I miss the old RB! Remember getting online first thing in the morning to see what was going on and what new work there was? Remember the instantaneous connections and so much positive feedback? Remember how alive and vibrant this community used to be? Or is it just me? I have certainly purposed myself to stay the cour…
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Pink Panther Magazine group Featured Artist

I just wanted to thank Jennifer, Sybille, and Anna for bestowing such a wonderful honor for me! How wonderful to find myself the featured artist on Pink Panther Magazine’s group page! I am deeply, deeply honored ! Thank you so very much!!
Posted 2 months – 7 comments

Done with RB for awhile

Just like the title states—I’m done with RB for awhile. I’ll check in on the groups I co-host from time to time—but I’m done for awhile.
Posted 3 months – 9 comments

Daily Deviation!

I have finally, after 5 years of knocking on this door, received a Daily Deviation from Deviant Art! I am just thrilled and shocked! So flippin’ happy!!!! /
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