Time to get back on track

Haven’t been shooting any images lately and seem to be getting a sort of rut. The big reason: looking for a job! I’ve been laid off since the end of March, took some time to get some bird and mountain goat images, but not much else. Job searching and networking is taking quite a bit of time and effort, as it should. Also been taking time to update skills to make myself even more marketable.

The good news is I’ve had two interviews this past week with the hopes of follow-up interviews. Both are with good, local companies.

If I don’t get work soon I plan on a short vacation. Yes, that’s right, a vacation. Ellie and I are planning on driving up to Grand Teton National Park at the end of September. Nothing like some good color at a spectacular site to reignite the creative juices. So if I do go, expect some great images to be produced. If I don’t go, well, I’m working :) Then maybe I can finally get that D3 (or newer) that I’ve always craved!

In the meantime we’re heading to Breckenridge, CO, tomorrow for a few days. Hope to get in some back country 4-wheelin’ trips, hiking, and fishing. And hopefully I’ll see my first Colorado black bear. This will also give me a chance to brush up on cityscapes.


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